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ENTORNO LATINO: Top 30 Latin Jazz Recordings & 50 Hits of 2015

Por: Neson Rodríguez
Fecha: 2016.04.20
Fuente: Herencia Latina

(El Condado De La Salsa Y Jazz Latino)

In order for us to properly review and rate the best recordings in a particular year, we would hope to have in our hands and hear everything that came out that specific year. But unfortunately that never seems to be the case, even if one does manage to reach out to all the artists and the record labels. So no list is 100% accurate, no matter what one is told or reads about. The other item excluded on this list is Jazz recordings, even though they may be great songs, they are not Latin Jazz. The Latin Jazz category criteria, by critics and sometimes the Grammy`s, at times exclude the use of percussion on recordings and
solely base the category on the artist with a Latino name playing straight Jazz. We know that any Latino doing straight up Jazz would like to have their CD considered as a Jazz recording.

 This year’s list includes many veterans and a few new stars on the rise like Miguelo Valdes, Cesar Orozco, Carlos Henriquez, Tumbando A Monk, Mari Koga, Larry Douglas & Jorge Pineda, Alex Conde, Gabriel Palatchi (has three CD’s under his belt) and Fernando Knopf. Marco Toro who has for many years been an Afro Caribbean artist (Salsa, etc.) jumps into the Latin Jazz market with a nice project as did bassist Ray Martinez.

 We would like to thank all the artists whom responded with their CDs and respective marketing materials without delay. Believe it or not, the Latin Jazz artists were the fastest to respond. Their marketing efforts are recognized here within by reaching out to us, the media and journalists.


Top 30 Latin Jazz Recordings

01-Ralph Irizarry & Timbalaye “20th Anniversary”

02-Humberto Ramirez & Oskar Cartaya “Lifetime Friends”

03-Cuban Jazz Train ft. Calixto Oviedo “Como Suena”

04-Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra “Cuba: The
Conversation Continues”

05-Chris Washburne & S.Y.O.T.O.S.
06-Cesar Orozco & Kamarata Jazz “No Limits For Tumbao”
07-Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet “Intercambio”

08-Carlos Henríquez “The Bronx Pyramid”
09-Luis Marin “One”

10-Ed Calle “Mamblues”

11-Ray Martinez “Legacy”
12-Federico Britos Presents Hot Club of The Americas “When Grappelli Meets Latin America”

13-Miguelo Valdés “Transition”
14-Fernando Knopf “La Música Es Sentimiento”

15-Sammy Figueroa “Imaginary World”

16-Henry Brun & The Latin Playerz “In Ritmo We Trust”

17-Bill O’Connell Latin Jazz All Stars “Heart Beat”
18-Nueva Manteca “Crime”

19-Papo Vázquez Mighty Pirates Troubadours “Spiritual Warriors”

20-Marco Toro Presents “ZamboJazz”
21-Pete Rodríguez “El Conde Negro”

22-Candido “The Master”

23-Gabriel Palatchi “Trivolution

24-Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of San Francisco “Con Mis Manos”

25-Aguanko “Invisible”

26-Tumbando A Monk “Abriendo El Thelonious”

27-Larry Douglas & Jorge Pineda Alltet “Dedicatorias Dos”
28-Alex Conde “Descarga For Monk”

29-Mari Koga “Perfect Blue

30-Alexis Baro “Guilty Pleasure”

Throughout 2015, we enjoyed playing Latin Jazz on KXLU, a radio show from 6am to 6pm on weekends only. The airwaves are broadcasted from Alma del Barrio  out of the Loyola Marymount University studios. Many of these tracks standout that we would suppose other Jazz DJ’s and radio programmers would consider playing worldwide. For me in particular, I have been a fan and supporter of the genre since the late 60’s and my favorites were Tito Puente, Cal Tjader, Mongo Santamaria, and Ray Barretto.

50 Hits of 2015

01-Fernando Knopf “Fermambo”
02-Ralph Irizarry & Timbalaye “Gotham Town”

03-Humberto Ramírez & Oskar Cartaya “Maldades”
04-Cuban Jazz Train Ft. Calixto Oviedo “Descarga”

05-Carlos Henríquez “The Bronx Pyramid”

06-Miguelo Valdés “El Volcán”

07-Pablo Menéndez y Mezcla “Mambo Influenciado”
08-Ed Calle “Mamblue”

09-Nueva Manteca “The Godfather Theme”
10-Pacific Mambo Orchestra “Pink Panther Mambo”

11-Ray Martinez “Storm”

12-Pete Rodriguez “Stolen Changes”
13-Wayne Wallace Quintet “Solar”

14-Rie Akagi “Fiesta a La King”

15-Cesar Orozco & Kamarata Jazz “Vladitimba”

16-Luis Marin “Fichas Negras”

17-Candido “Wow Wow Holy Cow”

18-Lusito Quintero “Rumba En San Agustín”

19-Tumbando A Monk “52nd Street Theme”

20-Doug Beavers “Take It To The Ozone”

21-Edsel Gómez “Tertulia Samba”

22-Joshua Edelman “Zascandi”

23-Jerry González y Miguel Blanco “Rumba y Consecuencia”

24-Benjamin Lapidus “Have You Met Miss Jones?”

25-Chris Washburne y S.Y.O.Y.T.O.S. “Feeling Alright”

26-Arturo O’Farrill Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra “Just One Moment”
27-Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of San Francisco “A La Palmieri”

28-Zambo Jazz “Let It Walk”

29-Dave Chamberlain’s Band of Bones “Flat Black”

30-Federico Britos “Exactly Like You”

31-Alex Conde “Thelonious”

32-Rigo y su Obra Maestra “Magia En Bulgaria”
33-Gabriel Palatchi Trio “Dinamita”

34-Larry Douglas & Jorge Pineda Alltet “Jammin’ In The Boro”

35-Bill O’Connell Latin Jazz All Stars “Vertigo”

36-Sammy Figueroa “Waiting For You”
37-Aguanko “Chico’s Dream”

38-Bobby Matos Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble “Stagg Street”

39-The Metropolitan Salsa Orchestra “Atlántico”
40-Dayren Santamaría “Matanzas”

41-Mari Koga “Invitation”

42-Papo Vázquez Mighty Pirates Trobadours “Huracán”

43-Maite Hontele “Mambo City” <>

44-Henry Brun & The Latin Playerz “Fuego En La Bahía”

45-Steve Pouchie “West Side Story Medley”

46-Samuel Torres “Narradores De Espejismos”

47-Jazz At The Lincoln Center Orchestra “2/3’s Adventure”

48-Alex Garcia’s Afromantra “Landscape Of A Thought”

49-Alexis Baro “Reencuentro”

50-Alberto Martínez “Guataca City”

*Gabriel Palatchi Trio - Dinamita*

(compartido por Gabriel Hernan Palatchi)

Latin Jazz is such a beautiful genre that explores endless boundaries, and the names we would love to see record in 2016 include to name a few...Michel Camilo, Yosvanny Terry, Andrea Brachfeld, Giovanni Hidalgo (scheduled to record a tribute to Tito Puente), John Santos, Miguel Zenón, Mambo Kings, Carlos Jimenez, Johnny Blas, Sonido Isleño, David Sánchez, Johnny Conga, Henry Brun & The Latin Playerz, Roberto Santamaría, Bobby Matos, Charlie Sepúlveda, Bobby Sanabria, Paoli Mejías, Arturo Sandoval, Conrad Herwig, Eddie Palmieri, Dayren Santamaría, Jaime Dubberley and Orchestra Dharma, Eguie Castrillo, Néstor Torres, Peruchín Jr., Calixto Oviedo, Pedro Guzmán, Julio Padrón, Mitch Frohman, Jochy Rodríguez, Pete Escovedo, Poncho Sánchez, Iván Rentas, Luisito Quintero, Manuel Valera, Nerio DeGracia y Paolo La Rosa.

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